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thedirtyboogie's Journal

The Dirty Boogie: Music Recommendations
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This community is for the purpose of honorary and rivalry to recommend music, and occasionally offering game and movie reviews. Feel free to request, but we will ultimately post what we deem worthy of our attention. :) However, we are extremely open-minded about the music we listen to, so there's plenty of chances for things that you like to be posted here.
1. If you're going to request, make only one at a time.
2. Don't throw a fit if we don't like what you like. This community is for music of all types, countries, and languages.
3. Delete these MP3's after 24 hours. We're not really going to push this rule too much, as we really don't have control over what you do, but if you like the music, then go buy the artists' CDs and support them.
rocktheplanet - 1849's MP3 journal!

If you want to be an affiliate, let either rivalry or honorary know! :D
Profile code nicked from rivalry. The above banner consists of the Daft Punk movie poster Interstella 5555 and Asian Kung-Fu-Generation's first mini album. The name is derived from the Brian Setzer Orchestra album, The Dirty Boogie. All graphics done by honorary.
*n'sync, american hi-fi, b'z, bazra, beck, billy joel, billy talent, bis, black 47, brian setzer orchestra, burning brides, carbon leaf, chara, chemistry, cherry filter, chris botti, daft punk, daigo stardust, danzig, das:vasser, david bowie, dead kennedy's, dead or alive, deep blue something, del amitri, depeche mode, die prinzen, dragon ash, dropkick murphy's, eisley, epik high, everclear, fastball, flogging molly, foo fighters, fra-foa, franz ferdinand, garage a trois, glay, grateful dead, guitar wolf, harvey danger, hide, high & mighty color, hiroki kikuta, hooverphonic, illreme, imitation pops noiz, imogen heap, incubus, iron maiden, j, janove ottesen, jason mraz, joy division, junior senior, kaizers orchestra, ken hirai, kick the can crew, kings of leon, klaus badelt, koji kondo, kyuss, la'cryma christi, limp bizkit, live, lords of acid, louis xiv, love psychadelico, lyte funky ones, m-flo, magical power mako, maki goto, maroon 5, massive attack, meat loaf, melt-banana, merzbow, michael tait, millencolin, mindless self indulgence, mixalis xatzigiannis, moools, morrissey, mr. children, never crazy, new order, nicholas tse, nitro microphone underground, nobuo uematsu, o-town, o-zone, offspring, omc, orange range, our lady peace, outkast, overseer, penpals, pink floyd, polysics!, porno graffiti, prodigy, queen, queens of the stoneage, quruli, rage against the machine, ratatat, rilo kiley, rip slyme, robbie williams, rolling stones, rooney, rovo, savage garden, sean paul, shonen knife, siam shade, sisters of mercy, snow patrol, spitz, splendora, stephen lynch, stray cats, sufjan stevens, supercar, talulah gosh, the beatles, the clash, the donnas, the exies, the faint, the locust, the machine, the mad capsule markets, the mars volta, the producers, the streets, the wallflowers, the white stripes, the who, thee michelle gun elephant, tiger army, tokyo ska paradise orchestra, tommy february6, tomoyasu hotei, voltaire, weezer, x-japan, yoshida brothers